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The erection of a Biomar building was delayed, which caused the original 5-days working window for installation of Fish Feed Equipment to be reduced in half. The Eastern Composite Services team readily applied their skills to this challenge and the Fish Feed Equipment was commissioned, within both budget and the required 2.5-days, enabling the Installation …

Pennecon Technical Services


This customer had a long-service seawater pump whose casing had deteriorated to include erosion, pitting and scale build-up. Including sandblasting, re-building up worn areas, filling pits and lining the interior with the appropriate Belzona applications, as well as cleaning and polishing sealing faces, Eastern Composite Services delivered a complete refurbishment. Turn-around time for project-completion was …

Canada Fluorspar


During project start-up chutes were installed without a protective lining. Consequently, the chutes failed prematurely, disrupting workflow. Eastern Composite Services fabricated new chutes, which incorporated a suitably specialized rubber lining, to combat the ongoing wear and tear of the aggressive application. Chute failures are never a good thing…And in a workplace environment where erosion and …

Call 24/7:1-800-228-0969