Specialty Services

Rubber Lining

We have experience with installing both cured and uncured rubber linings for clients from a variety of industries. Our rubber linings provide companies with a premium form of corrosion and erosion protection in some of the most severe chemical and abrasive environments imaginable.

Our team specializes in lining vessels, pipes, agitators and pumps. In fact, we can rubber line just about any item regardless of its size or shape.

For uncured rubber lining we have two steam-assisted autoclaves:

  • A large 23-foot-long autoclave with a 6-foot diameter
  • A smaller 4-foot-long autoclave with a 4-foot diameter

For larger items, or field installs, we can free steam by constructing a temporary housing to perform atmospheric curing.

At ECS, we consider temperature, pressure, chemical composition, concentration of the materials, size of particles and many other parameters, to determine the best option for your lining application.

and Plastics

Our certified technicians do all types of Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics and Glass Reinforced Plastics (FRP and GRP) fabrication, repair and modifications of parts and equipment. We do all our registered pipe bonding and tank repairs to ASME B31.3 for process piping and RTP-1 vessel and tank repairs, with our secondary bonders and laminators.

We use the incredibly versatile Fibreglass (GRP) for the repair of both composite and metal pipes, as well as for vessels. We have many years of experience working on projects that require chemical and heat resistance for the most critical industrial applications.

We also have access to a general-purpose resin, that we utilize for less critical applications, including custom-moulded items, construction panels, marine panels and hull repairs for boats.

Our state-of-the-art facility provides an atmospherically controlled environment, that conforms to the strictest government regulations. The 3,750 sq ft shop is complete with exhaust systems, downdraft table and an air-exchange system.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Fusion and Fabrication

Our experienced technicians specialize in HDPE pipe butt fusion, electrofusion and extrusion welding, with HDPE materials ranging from ½” to 63” pipes, as well as sheet selection of varying sizes and thickness.

In addition to supplying the necessary equipment and materials for your projects, we provide start-to-finish services from our Service Center in Long Harbour, NL.

Mechanical and
Inspection Services

The experienced and well-trained experts at ECS specialize in troubleshooting, inspection, repair and overhaul of:

  • Hydraulic winch and crane systems
  • Water-jet propulsion systems
  • Steering gear systems
  • High- and low-pressure hydraulic systems
  • Gearboxes
  • Pumps
  • Motors
  • Compressors
  • Refrigeration systems

We also offer onsite borescope inspections, hydro-testing, bolt tensioning and torquing, with detailed client reports and quality documentation.

Sandblasting and

We provide sandblasting, painting and specialty coating services to the marine, mining and energy sectors. Our facility includes an environmentally friendly, recoverable sandblast booth utilizing LED lighting and reusable blast media. Our paint spray booth features a controlled atmosphere, for all your coating curing needs.

A detailed coating report is provided for every project, highlighting important quality information, such as blast profile, chloride testing, wet film thickness, dry film thickness and batch numbers.


ECS has certified and trained Belzona applicators, that specialize in application and repair across various industries. We offer turnkey solutions, from coating selections, application and inspection, to specialized services, such as flange face forming and Belzona insert sleeves.

Including Belzona coatings solutions for: