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Ocean Choice International


OCI’s vessel Aqviq unfortunately sustained bow damage during a very complicated towing operation. Upon arrival dockside and after a thorough assessment by the Eastern Composite Services Marine team, they applied their specialized skillsets and effected a class-approved bow repair. Initially, it didn’t look pretty, but with the swift turnaround, Ocean Choice International quickly had a …

PD Industries


PD Industries had ordered a new davit and required fabrication of a class-approved base for this davit, followed by completion of an urgent install. Our Eastern Composite Services team worked both day- and nightshifts to design-build the base and upon delivery of the davit, a custom-fit to the base was expedited, ahead of schedule and …

Katshesuk Fisheries Ltd.


The failure of a unique seawater pipe, critical to the operation of a Katshesuk Fisheries vessel, meant that their ship could not go to sea. With only the old broken pipe as a guide and without the benefit of a technical drawing or any other detailed visual reference, Eastern Composite Services quickly fabricated and fitted …

Horizon Maritime


Horizon Maritime has always been very appreciative of the high quality of work and materials delivered by Eastern Composite Services. Most recently however, this customer also made a point of thanking us for “being accommodating regarding last-minute changing ship schedules and responding so effectively to urgent requests”. This welcome compliment reminds us that our ECS …

Canadian Coast Guard


Canadian Coast Guard vessel, George R. Pearkes, had an old-style fairlead that needed to be replaced in a hurry. Eastern Composite Services completed an innovative, St. John’s dockside, fairlead replacement flawlessly on budget. Acceptance of both the time-sensitive process and the quality of work, by the class surveyor, meant that this high-endurance, multi-tasked vessel was …

Call 24/7:1-800-228-0969