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Eastern Composite Services launches a subsidiary company, McCol Metals.

Posted: September 21, 2021

After years of research and development, a team at Eastern Composite Services (ECS) succeeded in developing a process that captured precious metals.

Using their specialized chemical stripping technology, Eastern Composite Services recovered and recycled precious metals from spent Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) coated anodes.

Essentially, ECS was getting value from the residual coatings left on spent anodes before re-coating and for the substrate metal from any discontinued anodes

ECS appreciated that their unique processes were providing a longer useful life for the substrate material, better surface preparation and some sustainability in global Iridium markets. Encouraged by the new business potential that a focus on this innovative technology could provide to their group of companies, in August 2021, ECS established McCol Metals.

McCol Metals will operate as an independent business underneath the Eastern Composite Services umbrella, continuing to enjoy the collective support from, and ongoing value of, the enterprising spirit that the ECS group of companies brings to the table. However, as noted by Andrew Colford, President, “It was the perfect time for this proprietary technological process to get the attention it deserved within our Eastern Composite Services business portfolio and for McCol Metals and its growing list of clients to all profit from a focus on precious metals recovery as a core business.” 

Previously, ECS had benefitted from a local and North American supply of Platinum Group Metals (PGM) source materials, but McCol Metals is now also actively sourcing PGM-coated anodes, parts, or equipment, from more distant foreign markets; to be processed at their facility in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. “The McCol Metals innovative stripping process, combined with our willingness to partner with customers in moving this technology forward, to the advantage of ourselves and these business partners, is an approach that has attracted good attention worldwide”, stated Darrell Coombs, VP of Global Sales.

Colford and Coombs are buoyed by the prospects of having a regular supply of source materials, from which to recover the precious metal, iridium, refine it at an accredited refinery and sell the precious metal back into the international market. They are both excited that, “Based out of Long Harbour, on the island of Newfoundland, McCol Metals can now count on reliable clients from as far afield as South America, Africa and Australasia, who in turn rely on our unique expertise and innovative approach to doing business in this very specialized field.”


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